Tuesday, May 19, 2009

♥♥~mOrE alLiTeRaTIoNs~!!♥♥


he he just came to post these two poems:


Thuper (super wiv a th..) Stalevski

Stupid Stalevski styled and swirled,Singing and sprinkling spickle-speackle-sparkles.Salshing saints stupid,As sizzling and saucy,Sanding salty smirks.Stupidfiying scared school boys,Secretly scavenging for scarlet super scarfs.Stinging sacred sancutary stupid,Servicing self-desstructing stylers.


he he niceee.... and theres also this one:


Goodie goodie gillon~

Green-ranger Gillon giggled guilty,Glittering gay grandmother gowns.Gracefully he gestured,Giving away girly figures.Gillon greatfully gutted,Ginger gum for a greater good.Grining gay,Gillon gasped while gathering golden goose,galloping away grunting.grabing gazda.


Lol i couldnt think of anything for the end so i put gazda there

lol XD

he he pretty weird eh? yerr i noe who shud i do next?? hmmm...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

hola chicos chicas!! lmfao

lol i watched this really cute episode of shugo chara..soo cuutee~!!
At school like last week we had to write a alliteration about anything we want.
I wrote one about luis~!! lol i didnt finish it so i decided to finish it~!!
Its not that good but meh.....like i care lol its pretty weird too.

Lady Luis XD

Little Luis Laughed lonely,
Licking lettuce lazy.
Lining loose Lolita lace,
Loving it lovely.
Locking loyal lying looks,
Leaving traces of leftover liquorice.
Lounging around in little leopard leggings,
Looking at little lemon lash’s.
Laying on library’s of lamingtons,
Longing for llama lozenges.


Lmao wat do u think? btw luis is a boy even though i made him sound like a girl XD
message to luis: I noe wat ur gonna think...dont complain!! it took a while u noe!! not like u can do any better!! lol

hmm im thinkng of writting alliterations for more people lol XD - sheepy stalevski, stupid stalevski....hmm wats better? lol that reminds me we were waiting in the hall next to ms.coles room for math class and on the window there were like these t-shirts with peoples personaltiy and they had to like....kinda do a alliteration for there name and poor xhulio geuss wat he wrote?; X-ray Xhulio. XDDDDDDDD LMFAO LOL poor xhulio he must have it tough when it comes to poems and shit like that lol.

im thinking of doing meliz next hmmm; magnetic meliz, magic meliz, minni meliz lol, mental meliz (XD im sorry emi but u have to admit thats kinda funny lol) dw ill think of something waaaaaayy better XD

hmmm well i shud go do my homework
bye~!!...wait i mean adios or watever

-mello- xoxo

Friday, May 15, 2009

gLoOmY aUrA'S


hmmm i havent posted in a while gomene,

ive been really lazy i still have heaps of assingments to do bleh!

yesh a few days ago i did get married to vaughn yay~!! but ive been pretty slack,
i havent done much but been on msn and stuff......
lmao i feel really guilty about teasing luis about his height SORRY!!

and the questions.....i really meant them........i was curious.....>.>

ive gotta say though luis is the first kid errr person i mean that is into
asian music ^^ yay~!! take that chanii!! he he lately well for a while ive been into nana kitade ALOT~!! shes pretty gooood....lol she looks like a kid in "i scream" and ive bening into utada hikaru shes....not that pretty lol well now yer but before.....i like her songs though.....

meliz im sorry that i cant help much, but you noe were always here for you, i feel really bad that i cant help meliz...shes in a toughie situation........things have been pretty....gloomy ehhh -_-

i got 23 out of 30 pretty good eh? yer my mum doesnt think so- she sez that a poor mark aka SHIT!! not like she cud do better pfft.

and for health....who noes...lol omg even though i didnt go to school kiana (ex-so-called-*pukes*-(ashamed of saying this)-best-friend) and jackson (super retart) r going out WTF EWWW *PUKES* THAT IS D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!! like wtf!!! ah aha ha ha thats just sad!

hmmmmm yosh!! josh's correction- Milk And Cookies Bishop Aij Joshua Cecilia is prolly coming back after 2 weeks HES GONNA GET THE SILENT TREATMENT WEN HE COMES BACK MEANIE!! hmp! stalevskis moving to mogay (mobray) next year, stupid mogay school.

naplans finished- i did pretty well in english and writing well writing...ehh....>.>

and math...oh mii gosh........i geussed half of them damn i suck!! lol wanna play harvest moon...its been a while hmm

he he power puff girls Z!!! AWSOMEEE "and together we can save the day!" chyeaaaa!!! lol hmmm even wiv ma power puff power im still sad....its been pretty dark lately hmmm =( still havent bet yunalesca but i learnt that using reflect at the start of the battle is usefull!! so she cant blind, silence, sleep etc ur characters.

mmmhhhmmm well i geuzz thats all for todaii,

bii bii~!!

love -mello- xoxo

Thursday, May 7, 2009

oH mIi fReAkInG gAwD!!



(even though i came last) IM SOOO HAPPY ....well not really....since its been like 6-7 hours after i did acomplish that lol. i kept on laughing the whole way for no apparent reason even for 100 meter sprint (wich i also came last in i think lol)

Ha ha poor michael.s i kept on kicking him during the athletics thing and it was really cold and i got him wet wiv water- further more he didnt have a jacket aww lol XD lol i call him kicky now but i dont want to call him that anymore because...i was talking to moriah on the phone and were talking about funny people tehn im like "asians r funny (soz its true ^.^") who eles is not asian and is funny..?" and then shes like "michael.s" and im like "oh yer hes funny lol i kept on kicking him whenever i see him i call him kicky" and shes like "dude kicky means younger brother in madonian" XDXDXDXD OMFG WTF I DIDNT NOE THAT!! AND HES MASADONIAN!! LOL so...yer...soz stalevski ^.^"

todays omah's b'day yay~! thanxx for being the lousyest brother ever!! (jks) no really...thanx ^^

waah natplan next week T.T boohoo!! lol i hurt 2 people at once today XD jasdeep and lauron lol (lauron didnt even do anything) jasdeep sed something mean to eileen then i kicked him and he fell backa step and tried to grab i dunno his arm hit lauron in the back of his head reaaaal hard XDDDDDD lol i feel sorry for lauron hes such a nub lmao

lol lauron is a victim once wen i was pissed...i was talking to someone...i think it was stalevksi and i put my arm out in anger like....i dunno u'll understand oneday wen u do it and lauron was behind me and wen i swinged my arm out it hit lauron on face lol hay i got hurt too *checks hand* ha i still have a mark from that XD
lmao how weird wud it be if xhulio like secretly at night used his sisters girly hair accorries for his rat tail XD weird....xhulios a freaking girl he blushed all the time.

lol i found this cheesy badge picture thing on the net today lol its most likely that matt wud use something like that for his msn dp XD it sed " my GIRLFRIENDS so HOTT that i have to wear OVEN GLOVES" lmao XD and it had a picture of a stick figure wearing shitty gloves lol

ah today was fun it cud of been funner...like the swimming carnival lol even though i didnt swim i still had fun because............^^

well ive got heaps of hw hums, hums prject, more hums, math, english...i think and something eles...gah too much hw!!

love -mello-


btw yes that is misa wiv matsuda and...the other police men lol

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He heee~!! ells~!!,
how have you been? ^.^lately ive been obsessed with harvest moon island of happiness~!!
its such a freaaking awsomee game~!!

aaandd if y ou've played it you've prolly geussed mii future husband in harvest moon is vaughn~~!! even though i dont like cowboys much lol but hes the best bachelor in the game.


Birthday: Spring 3 Moves in: Automatically appears on Spring 16

Moves out: Never permanently leaves

Favorite: Porridge

Loves: Milk, Shiitake, MatsutakeHot Milk, Grilled Mushrooms, Grape Soda

Hates: Indigo Grass, Blue Grass, Red Grass, Empty Can, Stone, Stick, Elli Leaves, Yellow Grass, Black Grass, Fish Bone, Weeds, White Grass, Orange Grass, Toadstool, Tomato, Rubber Boot, Eggplant, Lithograph, Bell Pepper, Bottle, Green Grass, Purple GrassOnion Salad, Pumpkin Soup, Carrot Juice, Mochi Mix Natto, Gem Natto, Herb Salad, Red Flower Mix Natto, Salad, Failed Dish, Mix Natto, Fish Natto, Tomato Salad, Miso Eggplant, Chop Suey, Dairy Natto, Grilled Eggplant, Stir-Fried Veggies, Vegetable Juice

HORROR: carrots

No im not married in the game yet im just up to blue heart and it took like....more then a year lol.

lol and why i didnt pick the others...well why didnt you pick the others? lmao
if you did....well elliot-dorky, mark- original, pierre- willy wonka!! no hes really cute too but...him and natalie are better ^.^ , shea- does he even belong in this time period? and denny...mmhhmm he'll take forever cause he comes later in the game and hes a freaking pirate.

Hmmmmm im starting to realise the people around me and how much i actully love them, they keep me sane and...im going to be honest im starting to miss josh that noob lol.

i havent been laughing as much and that goes for the girls as well rayans going...and im gonna miss her....alot and if meliz or chanii left.....id murder my self lol thanxx guys for.....always.....helping me release those heavy chains off my shoulders....^.^
I love you all~!! thanxx ^^

u noe wats cool? look at a picture wiv someone looking straight (they were prolly looking at the camera) then look at them how u wud normal look at a picture, move ur head to the side THERE STILL LOOKINGAT YOU!! WAAAH SCARY!! lol

waaah i feel soo worried about chanii....shes been going through alot of shit....and yet she puts on this facade of lies....she seems soo happy....yet....shes....not...

and i feel....guilty cause....we had a fight and she got pissed....and did something...really bad......i feel guilty....im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im sorry,im..................................really....................sorry...................................................

eehh im pretty bored and i kinda have a headache but im gonna go play HARVEST FARM~!! its hard to type and play harvest farm at the same time u noe? lol
xoxo -mello-
(\ /)
( '.' )~♥~
c('')('') bunny chan~!!

Friday, May 1, 2009



owiee mii feet hurt!!

we had sport today....we had to run the whole oval, shotput, disk's, herdels, long jump, triple jump and that thing were u have to jump over the pole yerr....wich i complete suck at lol. Me and hannah kept on laughing all the way through.

and at the end for "you can do it!!" that retared program were they try to motivate u to well do ur best or sum crap, the truth is we cant do it...or we cant be stuff to do watever we were suppose to do lol.

and after we had soccer....it was alright (even though i didnt do anything lol) yerr so much for laurons "skillzz" XD yer sure sure!! pfft!! lol (not like i can do any better lol)

awww i miss the guy i like sooooo much!! hes like sick.....(i think) =( waaah!!

gosh i hate michael.m soooo freaking much. michael mcloud some fat ass loser, cant belive he was my best friend- friends dont bull shit about and to friends! Hes a sad bitter, noob.....

lmao practically all the people who tryed to tear our friendship have become like....really...really....low losers lol. im not saying the losers like the ones that hang out wiv the popular people no no....actully their lower then the popular peoples ex's how sad!! and were not even the popular...were just normal...lol anyways he kinda one of them last time....he was even well hanging out wiv jam donut (natasha fat goth try hard) & may (shes not that bad) & kiana ( ex bestfriend SERIOUSLY ANNOYING!!) now that- is just sad like...real sad lol

last time in sport we were playing...some chicken run game or sum shit lol and wat u had to do was run around this...area...and the people inside the area ave to hit u wiv the ball.

Michael.mc loser (lol ok that was really lame lmao) kept aiming for me and chanii- but he didnt hit us lol.

....this post makes me sound really mean doesnt it?? lol

hay whoever reads this useless crap....can u burn soup? lol

aww i dont want rayan to leave!! im gonna miss her soooo much!! 3 FREAKING MONTHS WAAAH!! hay wat happend to her ghost? lol i wonder who lives in her old house now?

hmmm i wonder what dragon up's (josh) doing. ha ha talking about that i almost started to cry when i saw the graved brick lol (bricks that people wrote like stuff on from prep like in 2000 lol) josh wrote something like "god is love jesus loves you and me" XD ROFL!!!

lol the preppy priest josh lmao. im gonna kick him when he comes back he didnt even tell me he was leaving...bastard! lol

hee hee sou's sooo cute! i know he looks kinda like a girl lol.

ehh im tiredish.....

wells nite nite *hugs*

-mello- xoxo

Thursday, April 30, 2009

FaLliNg~!! fAlLiNG~!! FalLInG...


hmmm the last few days have been.....reeeeaally cold!!! melbournes weathers screwd uPpP~!!

but it disapoints me that it gets pretty cold yet it doesnt snow!! T.T oh well it means we'd have to wear our "man shoulders" blazer. ha ha chanii got caught with her i-pod and got told off at the same time to not wear her "Hey monday" jumper and got a after school detention. and just geuss who

told her off for both? Ms.Cole xD why am i not surprised?? btw ms.cole is the bitchess of godess wait no the godess of bitchness...yer.. lol oh u noe wat i mean!! lol

man does she hate chanii so much? yesterday..wait no i didnt go to school yesterday....the daii before yesterday in science we had to do a prac a uh balloon prac....and we could smell the gas leaking so we turned off the bunsen burner and before we could call her she came to us and like told us off for something....to do with the bunsen burner...i wasnt listening but she was mainly looking at chanii xD and when we needed a....um......i forgot what we needed but she completely ignored her!! lol this year is gonna be toughie!! well ...for her that is lol.

hmmm im not really looking forward to school!! everyones going for holidays for like 2 or 3 months well...3 kids that matter to me are lol. One of mii close fwends Rayan (queen of crush's) is going to lebanon for 3 months, Lauron ( dude who's in love with gay porn (not really) and rayan lol) is going for 3months (same time as rayan lol ) and some noob called Josh aka Dragon Up~!! ( since he looks like jake from american dragon) went for 1month WAT A BITCH DIDNT EVEN TELL MEH!! he aint getting a welcome from me..>.> *pissed*

lol but ive still got eileen (pwincez of blonde lol), Meliz (there goes my grades, damn!!), renay ( my ditching council), Jasmine (rely on her for a hug~!!), Charmaine (the one u noe who's always gonna b normal lol) & Claudine ( my cheat sheet lol) and of course me best friend lifee~!! chantelle~!!

Lately mive been playing kingdom hearts (beat it) and final fantasy x....damn yunalesca's hard..or maybii i just suck? lol my baby brothers been playing final fantasy crystal chronicals and hes like....pretty good for a 4 year old lol xD.

eh thats it for now hmm ive got hums hw T.T stupid high school, give u too much hw!!!

well uhh like....bye......~!!

( '.')~~
-mello- xoxo *hugs*